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Shine Fights at the Patriot Center Canceled

  If you thought you were going to see talented fighters handle business at the Patriot Center on September 10th, change of plans! According to sources, Shine Fights - lightweight Grant Prix tournament at the Patriot Center has been canceled. The tournament was supposed to feature 8 light weights with a twist. The matchmaking was to be done by the fans, which the Virginia Athletic Commission has said no to. Last spring Shine Fights promoted a fight between former champion boxer Ricardo Mayora and Din Thomas which was also canceled, due to legal actions taken by boxing promoter Don King. Apparently Mayorga was still in a contract with Don King, therefore in violation of that contract had he competed in "Worlds Collide", which was to be held in neighboring North Carolina. The promotion plans to reschedule the event on September 10th in Oklahoma, after being denied a license to operate in Virginia. 


Guillotine FightWear

The good folks over at Guillotine FightWear was nice enough to send TTC a few of their new shirts to sport and to give away. Guillotine FightWear is a family owned clothing line and fight gear company. They not only have great T shirts they also have some sweet fight shorts and rash guards. I know the fight shorts are awesome because I personally bought a pair. GFW has a new design as seen in the picture is awesome. They gave it to us in grey and beige as well as a few of the classic designs. 


Guillotine FightWear


Guillotine is also looking to sponsor fighters, so if you are interested in gaining a sponsor, head on over to GFW Sponsorship page, tell them Through The Cage sent ya and I am sure Sean will be more than happy to work with you.


TTC Mike Runs Amuck

So, I decided a while ago I was gonna do a 5K this year and I decided to sign up for the Marine Corps Run Amuck. If you are not familiar with this race, it is actually a 4 mile run through the woods and mud of Quantico Marince Corps Base. It starts out at Butler Stadium and ends back at the stadium.


Through The Cage with Jessie Mitchell Jr

John and I finally got the time to sit down with local MMA fighter and the holder of more gold than Ft Knox, Jessie Mitchell Jr.


Shine Fights Tourney Promo Video

{qtube vid:=t-3QzlAmjwo}


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